• Brakes for winners !

About the brand

SIEGER brake parts are for winners!

Sieger is a top make founded by a team of young, experienced professionals who are oriented towards progress and development. We have been present on the market since 2002 and therefore we possess enormous expertise in brake parts. The word Sieger dervies from German language and it means winner. That is exactly what we had in our minds while creating this make. Our knowledge and experience in automotive industry let us create an ideal and optimal offer that is accordant with the needs of today?s drivers.

There is a wide range of brake parts on the market produced by masses of different manufacturers what may lead customers to many confusions. How is it possible for a layman to make a good decision concerning selection of appropriate car parts? As you may know, it is not easy. Fortunately, we are here to help you. We have been dealing in brake parts for almost 14 years. Relying on our own experience and our customers? opinions, including many car repairers and specialists, we are certain of Sieger products.

Both, brake discs and brake pads were carefully selected and brought under quality control. Each reference was proved during road tests and during laboratory investigations. Therefore we can assure that if you buy our products you will not overpay and you will still enjoy your failure-free vehicle.

We believe that our customers deserve best services. That is why we create products that are an optimal choice as far as safety, efficiency and reliability in every conditions are concerned.

MARTEC | Authorised distributor of SIEGER brake discs and pads.